Tuesday, November 21, 2017

October 2017 road trip

When you have the idea of writing a travelling blog, but find it impossible doing it while travelling because of the kids.
It's been a month since the trip and finally NOW..I can squeeze some time to at least write some of the things I remember about the trip.
*photos are on instagram, too lazy to put it up here*

Day 1 Munich-Ingolstadt-Zolling
- rented a car
- visited an outlet, good stuff
- overnight at a friend's place

Day 2
Zolling-Piding- Gossau
- visited the small town of Piding, famous milk factory, was closed though
- Gossau; a super gorgeous Austrian charm house in between the valleys, just magnificent

Day 3
Gossau-Hallstatt- Salzburg
- A small town by the lake, accessible by car through a tunnel and voila a gorgeous view, it's like magic right before your eyes
- Salzburg was mostly about Sound of Music, visiting the iconic places in the movie and not forgetting the Mozarthaus
- took a Festung up to the castle which was creepy/interesting

Day 4
Salzburg - Garmisch Partenkischen
- was formally an winter Olympic host, famous for winter sports. Gorgeous town at the foot of the Alps, simply magical.
- spent some time wondering around which was great.

Day 5 
Garmish P. - Eibsee - Zugspitze - Alpine Coaster - Munich

- took a train & cable car to a top of a snowy mountain was madness with 2 kids, but was entirely worth it as the view was priceless. Kids enjoyed the snow.
- the Alpine coaster was the best, because I had 40 solid minutes to myself alone on a cable car in the quiet ride up to the top of the coaster. First time since having kids I managed to enjoy silence, most grateful for that short moment.

Day 6
Munich - Doha

- spent half a day at the town buying some last minute stuff & drove to the airport to fly back to Doha.

Next up on my post would prolly be roadtripping with 2 young kids.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

60 years of Freedom

Today we celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day!!!
60 years of freedom, well literally..physically, not mentally I guess.

So many crazy things happening around us and nothing much we can do. Craziest shit happen and all we can do is pretty much nothing. Many people would say, well we have enough on our plate to even bother.

Gahhhhhhhh...it's true and not true.
I'm happy and not happy.
As a Malaysian I'm free, I'm grateful, I thank and appreciate the Malaysians before me whom have fought for our freedom, sacrificed their time, money, family and even themselves to achieve freedom.

What have I done?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Istanbul aku dah datang

Got back from Istanbul 2 weeks ago.
It was pretty cold. I almost underestimated the weather. It was wet and cold, but the place where we stayed, Sultanahmet, was very alive. We stayed in a hotel that was walking distance to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and also the Bosphorus cruise area where the spice bazaar was located.

It was the perfect location for a short getaway with the moms.
It seemed like Europe at first, but the I realized it's not. They really try to preserve their culture and architecture which was super awesome. 
Walking into the mosques makes me think about the past lives of the great Ottoman kingdom. Im pretty sure they were amazing. Being able to walk in was indeed overwhelming for me. Can't imagine the actual lives of the people in the past.

It's a place worth visiting fyi.

With the kids.. we brought the double buggy, it was worth it because the area we stayed was buggy friendly, you can see many people pushing buggies. The streets were mostly made of cobblestones and we had huge tires, so I guess that worked out well. The people were helpful as well. I especially love the Ataturk airport because your buggy is given as you leave the aircraft, they put it at the door so we didnt have to carry the kids and go through customs carrying them. That made me happier.

Another few things I wish we had were the rain cover and also chair cover for restaurant baby chairs. It was wet and cold so the rain cover was supposed to be perfect but it's still stuck in the US with our other stuff. It's pretty annoying though. Because our hotel was nearby we didnt have to change the kids' diapers in public so that was just awesome I thought..another reason I love Istanbul.

I also didnt notice any kids' changing room so I have no idea where to change. Like when we went to Vienna, it was kinda stressful having to change their diapers.

I guess it's not bad at all though even if you have to.

  The Blue mosque

 Topkapi palace

Grand bazaar

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Escaping winter holiday trip

So, we were in Bali a month ago. For the 2nd time. Best decision everrrrr... 
We chose Kerobokan which was part of Seminyak that has many shops and not too near to the beach.
Nearest beach was 10mins bike ride, near to where we went the first time for our 'honeymoon' LOL.

So the villa we stayed in was called Kubu Manggala Villas! Ah ma zing!!!! Private room with private pool, so you can say we were in the pool most of the time, rain or shine. I just had to..I miss pools too much.

Travelling with a 3 year old and a 6 and a half mth old toddler, must be wondering what I brought. Of course no strollers, coz the area we lived in wasnt near the beach, had to take the bike everywhere, so carriers are convenient.
I brought the Beaba babycook, the small one with me, there were plenty of fruits along the way, so I made bananacado puree and some other bunch of food. Not a fan of cerelac though. Those organic baby food are fine, but didnt bring it with us. He had just started solids so he was more milk dependent. A week before that Elias had like severe eczema due to the weather change, it was crazy, poor thing, so the paeds said it was because of what I ate. I doubt that, we're Asians, so it's quite impossible due to the food. 

Our trip to Bali was also to experiment if it was prolly the weather, guess what, just 2 days and his skin was much better!!!
We also got a bottle of unrefined and organic coconut oil, which we mixed with the Bioderma emollient cream. It went away gradually and perfectly, now he's all better again. 

Can't wait for our next trip, somewhere near maybe??

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Holidaying with a toddler and an infant

We just got back from Vienna and Budapest a few days ago!

It was a trip with another family of three and I would say it was more of an adventure not a relaxing holiday.

A lot of walking and heavy weight lifting I would say.
It was a 6 day adventure on all the public transports you can imagine.
Airplanes, buses, boats, trains, a surrey bicycle and a taxi.
I think Yusuf enjoyed himself too much.

We were in Vienna for 3 nights and Budapest for 2 nights.
We stayed in both awesome locations, mostly walking distances to attractions and convenient stores.

The best part of the holidays we hv been on as a family is that it's always whatever comes to our mind. We are not in a mad rush, we're just there to enjoy the view and place. 

Cant wait for our next stop!

Yup that a carrier for kids..hasbi said it's comfy.

We also brought the baby carrier and an umbrella stroller. Good for naps. Cant imagine when they're both napping though.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 4 back in Doha

First day for me with 2 kids ALONE!
It's been 2 hours and so far so good.
Elias doesnt nap too long and his brother keeps on making noise. I made my own arrangements to the living room. I have Elias' crib out here so I could just leave him whenever I need to do sth. Leaving him in the NUNA is too scary for me as Banpiya likes throwing things.

The apartment's getting packed with stuff which is annoying because we might have to move out soon and Im just going crayzaayyy thinking about packing.But we need the space though, just have to put my sanity together.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 62 post delivery

Elias took his 2 month jab yesterday, 2 injections and 1 oral. It was just heartbreaking to see him cry bcos he doesn't always cry that hard. Yusuf got his influenza booster as well, cried too but he always cries so I didnt feel that bad LOL.

Elias has these weird looking rashes in his inner thighs, tried sudocrem and lucas papaw. It doesnt work that effective bcos it comes back again, so I got Bepanthen as I've always heard it's got good reviews. Yusuf had always used Drapolene which worked miraculously for him. I got sudocrem just to try sth different, but it seems like I have to switch back to it again if Bepanthen doesnt work.

T minus 16 days to Doha. Time flies to fast and my heart is aching for mama and mami. Im sure they're going to feel super lonely. Especially for mami bcos she cant come over to visit us. I hope we find a way to bring her over to Doha.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Things I LOVE during my pregnancy and post

During pregnancy.
I had super dry skin, so I used...

1)Loccitane's Verveine Shower gel
2) Loccitane's Ultra Rich Body Lotion and also the ones in the round tin.
3) Dior Lipglow Balm - instant moisture!!!
4) Drank VCO religiously
5) Also goat's milk which I got from a farm in Nilai called GMilk on FB. Drank about a dozen of those 250ml bottles.
6) Coconut water occasionally.
7) Origin's GinZing moisturizer for my dry face - love this!

Post pregnancy
1) continued using most of the products.
2) D herbs losyen Mustajab in Red - hot
Sri Wajah Ibu's hot lotion - Super hot
3) Sugarskin KL's coffee scrub - love it, the dark spots faded after a couple of uses
4) Sugarskin KL's soap - used after the herbal bath during confinement, neutralizes the smell.

I try to minimize wtv products I use and keep it organic/ natural based products during pregnancy.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Elias' birth story

Saturday 2nd July
So, my sister Nasiha was lepaking with me in the room after she came back from work and we were talking about stuff and she told me that she never told anyone about it, but she stimulated her nipples to start contractions.
Which I immediately tried continuously and started getting mild contractions.
Started tracking the the whole night. My aunt Su came to visit me that night as she was leaving for Kelantan a day or two after that for Eid. I told her I was already having contractions but it was still bearable.

Sunday 3rd July.
Contraction became stronger that morning as I was tracking it on the app.
At around 7/8 ish I told hasbi that I think I want to go the hosp. Banpiya was still asleep, we got ready, packed my stuff and kissed Banpiya and left for the hosp.
9am - Arrived at the PAC
Was put on CTG 
10 am ish -  was brought up to delivery hall on the upper floor, waited at the waiting area (no men allowed)
did a VE, was 3-4cm dilated
11-12 noon, pain got stronger and more intense
1220 - requested to lie on the bed in the holding room because it was super painful, wasnt put on CTG because I could turn around.
1255- wheeled into the labour room
1.11pm - Emir Elias came out like a champ weighing at 3.83kgs.
230pm - the nurse finished stitching (1st degree tear) and cleaning me up. Waiting to be sent to the ward.
345pm- arrived in the ward, very cosy I must say.

I felt excited, but sad at the same time coz Elias was immediately sent to the NICU and I couldnt hold him for 5 days, but I knew he was super strong coz he was pretty huge compared to other babies in the NICU.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 50 after delivery

Well..last time I blogged was when I was as huge as a whale. 
Had my 2nd baby boy on the 3rd of July at 1.11pm. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth but unexpected delivery. Why?

1. Sooner than I thought, arrived at hospital around 9/10 am with contraction a few minutes apart.
2. Water bag broke while I asked to lie down on the bed in a holding room, leaked all the way to the bed and went immediately into labour, was wheeled out after 15-20minutes.
3. Baby was in NICU for 5 days due to meconium.
4. It was during the whole of raya week.
5. I felt immediately at peace, the whole confinement thing wasnt bothering me like it did with Yusuf, which caused me baby blues. I was in control this time.
6. Baby was 3.83kgs at birth. Totally unexpected -_- and only suffered from 1st degree tear.

Things I did while I was pregnant.
- consumed VCO like a lot, drank goat's milk

Alhamdulillah baby is in good shape, was 5.1kgs at his 1 month check up. Yup he's heavy. 

Less than a month before we return to DOHA!